Meet the Team

Brandon Quesada

Brandon Quesada CAC1, CARES, CPS-AD, CAMSI, FPM

Executive Director

My name is Brandon Quesada; I am a person in long-term recovery. What that means to me is that I’ve stayed away from all mood and mind-altering substances since 10/31/13. I suffered from a substance use disorder for more than a decade before I found and maintained recovery. I worked in the clinical field for six years as the admissions director for a treatment program and have held credentials as a certified addictions counselor since 2018. I have always been drawn to peer lead recovery, as a peer helped me find my pathway to recovery. I have been a resident of Haralson county all of my life and am excited to give back to the community that I took from for such a long time. What’s most important to me and my recovery is staying connected. The opposite of addiction is connection, and making positive connections within the community helps me and helps everyone I come in contact with.

Kelly Keys


Outreach Peer Support Manager

My name is Kelly Keys. I am a person in long-term recovery; what that means for me is that it’s been since July 28th of 2019 since I’ve had any mind-altering substance. After 26 years of a substance use disorder, many failed attempts at sobriety, losing my children, home, and job, I found freedom in recovery. I now have completed Family Treatment Court, regained custody of my children, and fixed relationships in my life. I serve on the Never Alone Clubhouse board as fundraising chair. I have completed the CARES Academy to follow my dream of becoming a peer support specialist, and I enjoy helping other like-minded people. My recovery has taught me that anything is possible today. I am now the Outreach Peer Support Manager at Your Haven, The Place of Recovery. I speak loud about my recovery, and I went from an addiction that made me suffer and utilized it to make me the accomplished person I am today
My favorite quote is
“My Recovery Must Come First So That Everything I Love In Life Doesn’t Have To Come Last again!”