Meet the Team


Alisha Beck CARES, CPS-AD

Assistant Director

My name is Alisha Beck, and I am a woman in long-term recovery. After being bound by alcohol and drugs for sixteen years, January 21, 2018, something significant happened. I found myself on my hands and knees in the county jail. From that moment, my journey towards recovery began. I broke free from the chains that once held me so tightly. With the aid of God, I was able to take the broken pieces of my life and transform them into something beautiful. I am now proud to be an amazing mother, an awesome wife, a trustworthy daughter, and a supportive friend. Not only am I employable, but I am also the Assistant Director of Your Haven. Through the music I compose, inspired by my personal experiences, I have become a source of inspiration for others. I strive to show kindness and love to everyone, empowering individuals.  It has been my prayer to work at Your Haven since the very beginning. Today, I am living out those prayers. The ability to recover is within everyone’s reach when they have the right support. 

The Bible verse Proverbs 3:5 has been the driving force behind my recovery: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your own understanding.”  


Shea Holland-Ray CARES, CPS-AD

Peer Navigator

My name is Shea Holland-Ray and I'm proud to say that I am in long-term recovery. What this means for me is that I have not felt the need to use any mood or mind-altering substances for over three years. My journey toward recovery began just before I was incarcerated, and it became an even more significant part of my life after I lost my mother to cancer while behind bars. I made a promise to myself that I would stay on the path of recovery and make a positive impact by serving others in the community. The gifts of my recovery are endless today I am a better daughter, mother, grandmother, and friend. After my release from jail, I continued attending meetings at Your Haven and connected with other individuals who were also committed to recovery. It was through these connections that I became a CARES and started my journey of giving back to others.