Your Haven Recovery Center is a safe destination where you’ll find help and support — not judgement.

We’re a place where people fighting substance use disorder can get the support and programs to continue their recovery.

Without support, you’re more likely to return to old habits and unhealthy relationships. With support, you will build a new, healthy life and achieve long-term recovery.

At Your Haven, you’ll find multiple pathways toward a single goal: getting your life back.

Upcoming Meetings Schedule

Monday —  Anger Management/MRT at 5 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous at 7 p.m. 

Tuesday — Heart to Heart at 5 p.m. Peer coaching all-day 

Wednesday — Alcoholics Anonymous 7 p.m.

Thursday — Narcotics Anonymous at 7 p.m.

Friday — CMA at 7 p.m. 

Saturday — All Recovery at noon

Sunday  — Closed

Peer-led Support Groups for Recovery

The people around you influence your behavior, so find people who believe in you and lift you up.

Peer-led support groups connect you with people who know your struggle and who can help you cope with it. As you advance your recovery, you too may find yourself as someone’s mentor, working together to break the bonds of addiction.

12-step Addiction Programs

A time-tested approach to recovery, our 12-step recovery programs provide companionship, support and stability.

Our meetings are hosted at our center on a regular basis, so you’ll always know where to go — and when — to keep your recovery going.

Faith-based Recovery Programs

Faith is a source of strength for many, providing meaning and peace amid difficult times.

Our faith-based recovery programs draw on your spiritual beliefs, helping you navigate recovery with the strength and love of a Higher Power.

An Alternative to Using

When you have substance use disorder it can seem hard to find pleasure in anything else. But there are wonders everywhere.

We help you find healthy ways to cope with recovery, like art, gardening, cooking, exercise, meditation and games. You’re less likely to use if you have healthy outlets and alternatives.

The Resources to Recover

We all have basic, fundamental needs — food, shelter, clothing, companionship. When these needs are not met, we feel stress, and when we feel stress, we resort to old habits.

We help you overcome obstacles and get the resources you need, like food, housing, therapy, health care and even employment. When your needs are met, you can grow into your full potential and keep yourself on a healthy course.

In addition, we provide:

  • GED resources
  • Job training and networking
  • Family support groups
  • Financial education
  • Support for newly released former prisoners charged with DUI or drug offenses
  • A safety net for those in recovery
  • Post Overdose Response Team (PORT)

Your Haven to Recover

It’s difficult to recover when you’re isolated, uncertain of the future and ashamed of the past.

Your Haven believes in helping you rediscover your joy, your purpose and your life.

Remember, we’re here because our whole community believes in your worth and your strength. Let us help.